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Asian Food

ΕΚΠΤΩΣΕΙΣ σε πολλά  καταστήματα !

DISCOUNTS in many shops!


The ultimate couple food blog, Classic and twisted recipes

~ Ο έρωτας περνάει από το στομάχι, μα το φαγητό μένει πάντα στην καρδιά ~
~ Εμπειρίες φαγητού ~

Instagram: food.destinations.greece

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About Foodie

With foodie you get discounts to your favourite 

restaurants and super markets in Athens, Greece so you can 

eat and shop with discounts and better prices!


Με το foodie μπορεί ο καθε πελατης να παίρνει καλύτερες τιμές και εκπτώσεις στα αγαπημένα του εστιατόρια και supermarket στην Αθήνα!

Takeaway Fast Food

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Τhe company only works remotely , there is no actual office and address !

24/7 website 

You can use your codes in all hours and each code expires after one day !

The foodie plus experience!


Get foodie plus by sending us an email an have the best discounts. With foodie plus you will find better discounts from the foodie site. If you need further Information contact us. The foodie plus experience starts on March 2023.

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Veggie Sushi

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